Sunday, April 6, 2008

6. "But I'm not such a bad person..."

...especially compared to most, only the really rotten people have to worry about where they’re going when they die, right?"

No, because we all “sin” (mess up), and yes, some may sin in smaller ways than others, but compared to who? The guy in prison? The person next door? Or compared to say… Mother Teresa? Or even more, compared to Jesus Himself... Whoever we’re comparing ourselves to, we all still mess up. (We’re all born selfish - that’s a part of “original sin”. You have to admit you're selfish at times, I know I struggle with that big time!) And because heaven is a perfect place, it’s a ‘no go’ for us unless we are perfect...and we can’t be perfect on our own, so now what?

We need to "open the gift" that Jesus gave us when he died for us. (See above question.) All this means is that we need to show we believe it by living out our belief: trying to live the way He'd like us to (we read His word to find out how), and quickly repenting (asking for forgiveness) when we mess up again, which we will do because we are human.


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