Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do you know any "odd" Christians?

Let's face it. There are some neat Christians and some odd Christians. Just like any other group of people in the world. And to one, someone could be in the "neat" category, and for another they might be in the "odd" category. These are the things that make the world go 'round. (How boring would life be otherwise?)

You know what else?

There are also hypocrites in every group of people. There will always be those who say and do two different things. As a matter of fact, aren't we all hypocrites at times in our lives? (Read: "What about the hypocrites?!") Sadly, there are rotten people in the church, too. Again, Christian or not, you'll find some of those in whatever group you're looking at.

My point? What does any of this have to do with following Jesus? Follow Him, not others...

  • I have friends or family who hesitate in giving their whole life to God because they know a Christian who is a "weirdo". However, He knocks on the doors of all of our hearts, whether or not the world thinks we're "neat" or "odd". He uses all of us, too. It's crazy and it's hard to believe, but He does. (And it's so fun, too, you'll see. There's nothing like the feeling that He might have used you in a small way to help someone find their best friend.)
  • You might know someone who goes to church, but "you should see how he cheats people at work." God still loves us whether or not we follow Him well, and it's a good thing. He's not shocked by our humanity. He also doesn't want us to "clean up our act" before following Him. He wants us right where we are, so He can help us, and He offers us forgiveness when we mess up.
  • Maybe someone in the church has hurt you (no church is perfect, and no church has perfect people), but I hope you don't blame Him for the losers out there. If someone has "gone bad", it means that they abused their free will, but it certainly doesn't mean God liked it. He must hate it even more than you do, especially if it has caused you to turn away from Him.
What is it that is holding you back?

Don't look at others, look at Jesus. He won't slam down the door into your life, or yell loudly to get you to open it. He'll knock gently or call to you softly. When you open the door, He'll be there with arms wide open and wishing it hadn't taken you so long.
  • He'll help you figure things out that seemed so complicated before.
  • He'll hold you up when you're dealing with things that there are no answers for in this life.
  • He'll send you help right when you need it.
  • He'll bring you friendships full of depth and peace and joy, people you can count on to be there.
  • He'll teach you upside down things like how dying to self (being UNselfish) breaks down walls, restores relationships, and leads to true happiness. (Really!)
  • He'll be your Rock. He won't always "do" for you, sometimes He's just there, right with you, in the mundane or in the dramas of life.
What else?

Comment below and tell that person who might be on the fence what Jesus has done in your life? Are you still on the fence? Why? I'd love to try to help get you over it.

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Booch said...

So Kel...which side of the fence do I fall on ... Neat or Weirdo? As long as its Christian I'm okay with it. I know you'll let me know if I qualify as hypocrite!