Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Love Kirk Cameron and "Fireproof"

If you're here looking for the video that made me nervous to watch, keep reading...

A couple weeks ago I finally saw Fireproof and I still think about it all the time. Mostly it comes to mind when Kent might irritate me for some reason and I know I should zip my lips, but before I know it, a nasty comeback is flying out of my mouth. I know there is power in the sacrifice, however small it may seem, of just NOT saying whatever I so badly want to say in those moments. (My Lenten promise is to shut my big fat mouth at those times, I'll let you know how it goes. Lent only started 4 days ago and he hasn't irritated me yet, although I'm sure I've irritated him a few times already!) This movie especially moved me because Kent & I almost divorced a few years ago, but God brought us back.

My point, you wonder?

The point is to rent or buy that movie. It is made by the same church that made "Facing the Giants". I loved that movie, too, but it was over-the-top cheesy at times. Fireproof is a higher quality movie without a doubt.

Here's something I found that makes me love Kirk Cameron even more...

I recently began reading Jimmy Moore's blog, Livin' La Vida Low-Carb, and in the following post he's all over the place (the Ellen clip is hilarious), but you've got to scroll down to the Kirk Cameron video, it will amaze you. I was nervous just watching it.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, I put Fireproof on my Netflix queue after you mentioned it in your other blog. Neflix available is "long wait"! Maybe I'll just buy it with the remains of my gift card and be done with it, lol. said...

Betsy, we just watched it again tonight, and it is SO worth buying. :)

AnnetteS said...

Fireproof has been playing locally in our community churches. It certainly sparked my interest. I have added it to my Netflix Queue, thanks Kelly for the recommend!

I have been reading your blogs on and off and hope to be more active on this one, You know, you have to form that "routine" for your daily computer rounds.

Thanks Kelly... for the great, informative writings!