Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I became Catholic

I still haven't had time to share my own story of why I was moved to convert to the Catholic faith, and how I've since grown to embrace the teachings I learned about there, but I recently came across a really good blog with a neat conversion story ...and thought you might enjoy reading it.

God bless you, especially in these uncertain times recently...economically, politically, you know what I mean.



Aliadelaide said...

Hi I just came across your food blog and then I found this other blog of yours. I am a revert to the Catholic church and the rest of my family are converts. I can't imagine being anything but Catholic now...but the journey home was long and often difficult at times. Anyway great to meet you! said...

Aliadelaide, I'm so thankful to hear that you (& your family, too!) have come home.
Thanks for saying hello! :)


JoAnna said...

LOL, Here I have been reading your food blog faithfully and now I find out you're *Catholic* too! This is the first time I clicked the "other blog" button... ;-)