Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I became Catholic

I still haven't had time to share my own story of why I was moved to convert to the Catholic faith, and how I've since grown to embrace the teachings I learned about there, but I recently came across a really good blog with a neat conversion story ...and thought you might enjoy reading it.

God bless you, especially in these uncertain times recently...economically, politically, you know what I mean.



Aliadelaide said...

Hi I just came across your food blog and then I found this other blog of yours. I am a revert to the Catholic church and the rest of my family are converts. I can't imagine being anything but Catholic now...but the journey home was long and often difficult at times. Anyway great to meet you!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Aliadelaide, I'm so thankful to hear that you (& your family, too!) have come home.
Thanks for saying hello! :)


JoAnna said...

LOL, Here I have been reading your food blog faithfully and now I find out you're *Catholic* too! This is the first time I clicked the "other blog" button... ;-)