Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Best Picture Ever

Isn't this beautiful? It was taken from our deck on a foggy morning recently, and for once the picture looked JUST as perfect as it did in real life. I had been busy making the kids breakfast and one of them said, "Mom, look!" They know I love it when God gives us gifts like cool sights & smells outside.

My friend Amy said, "The pic reminds me of the cross and resurrection." It reminded me of the Divine Mercy picture. What does it remind you of?


Bamboo said...


Beautiful picture. Worthy of enlargement and framing.

Hmmm... the 2 things it reminded me of were already taken so you made my brain stretch a bit and I came up with: The pouring out of the Holy Spirit's grace upon us. Or: Basking in the presence of God. Sometimes I get that feeling at Adoration (or other times).

Hey, do you mind if I print it to cut/glue into my "writer's notebook" that I keep alongside the dc during writing workshop and write those next to it?

I'm glad you linked it from your other blog!

Beth said...

Hi Beth,

Sure you can print it - gifts are most fun when we can share! :)