Sunday, April 6, 2008

3. "Who are the Father, Son & Holy Spirit?"

"Sometimes I hear Christians refer to God as “Father”, other times they talk about God as Jesus, and then who or what is the Holy Spirit? And which one do you pray TO?"

This one used to stump me big time. Here’s the scoop:

Christians believe in something called the Trinity - “Tri” = 3. Three persons (not 3 gods) in ONE God. This can get deep and others can explain it better I’m sure, but basically we believe in God the Father who created the world and all of us, as one person, or one PART of the Trinity. Jesus the Son, who was sent to earth by His (and our) Father to save the world from their sins as the second person, and the second PART of the Trinity. And the Holy Spirit who Jesus sent to us, to live inside His followers, to help them know how to live, as the third person/part of the Trinity.

When I pray, I pray in the name of all 3 persons, and call them all, “Lord”.


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