Sunday, April 6, 2008

1. "What makes Christianity different from other religions?"

No credible historians debate whether or not Jesus Christ lived on this earth, they all believe He did. What is debated is whether or not He died and rose from the dead – that part is the biggest difference between Christians and other religions, we are the only ones who claim to have a God who died because He CHOSE to and then beat death by coming back to life.



Torrey ( said...

There is one important difference between Christianity and all other religions. In all other religious man does something to secure his salvation. In authentic Christianity, salvation is by God's gracious good pleasure alone. While the modern Catholic Church rejects this, this was no always the case. Saint Augustine had much to say about this. said...

You are right, that is another big difference that I failed to mention!

But what you wrote about Catholicism is a myth. Catholics DO believe that we are only saved by God's grace:

Here's an excerpt from this page:

"The Catholic Church teaches, and most Protestants[2] also believe, that people can be saved only by the grace of God, i.e., “free and undeserved help” from God,[3] which is mediated through Christ, the God-man (Catechism of the Catholic Church, nos. 606-18). We can never “earn” salvation by our own good works; nothing we do is “repaid” by God in a strict tit-for-tat sense (Rom. 11:35, Catechism no. 2007). So on this crucial issue—justification (and ultimately salvation) by God’s grace through Christ (Rom. 3:24)—Catholics and most Protestants agree."