Friday, January 25, 2008

Marriage Lies

Is your marriage in a bad spot? Don't believe these lies:

  1. "It will always be this way, I'll suffer in my marriage like this the rest of my life." (A bump in the road doesn't mean forever, you just don't hear about the people who stuck with it and made it through, like us.)

  2. "Everything would be better if we were apart." (There would just be a new set of problems, probably much more difficult ones.)

  3. "The kids will be fine." (Not true, they'd never be the same.)

  4. "I deserve better." (Things will get better, but first you need to learn to take the focus off yourself, true freedom lies in putting other's needs before your own. It is NOT easy, but it is the path that leads to peace in the long run. Put yourself in your spouse's shoes for a moment, ask yourself, "How fun am I to live with lately?" Remember, your children didn't ask to be in this situation, their needs come first.)

DON'T GIVE UP, you can make it! You may think that whatever you're struggling with is somehow unique and no one has ever had the same issues, but I'll bet you'd be surprised. E-mail me if you need someone to "talk" to who has been there.

  • Though not Christian based, Divorce Busting is an invaluable website that I've been visiting for years when I want good info to help others (or Kent & I!) through a rough spot in their marriage. (Scroll down at that link to read some great articles by Michele.)
  • This book helps you see what YOU need to do to make things better. (And by the way, trust me, don't read the part for your spouse...)

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